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Best Dating Advice I Ever Got 2

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Surprising Solutions to Smart Women’s Most Common Dating Problems

From the author of the #1-Rated Dating Book on Amazon for 157 weeks, The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible

“Where do you find good men? Why do I keep falling for bad boys? What is love anyway? How do I get him to commit? What about online dating? Do men love bitches? How do I get the guy to fall in love with me? How do I get him back?”

You ladies have sent me thousands of questions like these since I started the Tao of Dating blog in 2008. In response, I’ve written a few hundred articles. Best Dating Advice I Ever Got 2 is a collection of the 35 best of those articles to bring even more love, joy and sexiness into your life, as voted by hundreds of thousands of discerning (and demanding) readers like yourself. In fact, one of you just interviewed me about the book with some…

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Dating Advice I Ever Got 2

Discerning Reader: You look great.

Dr Ali: Thanks! I’m already liking this interview, even though that’s not really a question.

Discerning Reader: Who the heck are you and why should we listen to you?

Dr Ali: Ah, real question. They say the last words of the Buddha were “go figure it out for yourself.” So you should listen to you. Sure, I’ve got some decent ideas for you to try out. I even give you the science why they are good ideas. And if it makes you feel better that I’m trained as a scientist, doctor, consultant and hypnotherapist – i.e. a professional problem solver – great! Still, it’s up to you to test the ideas and see how they work for you. So go out there and get your hands dirty.

Q: Fair enough. But everyone and their grandma has written a dating book. How is this book different?

A: A lot of books out there offer opinions without much support. Occasionally, some are good, but how can you tell the good tips from the mediocre and downright dangerous ones?

When I offer a piece of advice, I make sure it’s based on verified scientific fact or ancient wisdom that’s been around for thousands of years. Then, after telling you why you should do something, I tell you how to do it, too. If you’re going to change your behavior, an idea isn’t enough. You also need a plan for action.

Q: Who is this book meant for?

A: It’s meant for smart, strong women everywhere. My readers are doctors, lawyers, professors, psychologists, writers, artists, professionals. Most are over 27; some are college age. Lots of single moms. Many are coming off a divorce or breakup of a long-term relationship and are just looking for some basic training to get back in the dating scene.

Q: What kind of love problems will this book solve?

A: So glad you asked. Here are some chapter headings:
How to make a man fall in love with you
7 things you should always do on a date
8 things you should never do on a date
How often should you call him?
Six dangers of online dating
How to get over a breakup
Bad boys and how to avoid them
Are men intimidated by you?
What is vulnerability?
Evils of email and text
What to do when they go poof
Why long-distance relationships suck
The Deadbeat Boyfriend Test
Six things that make women irresistibly sexy
Before you say “I do”: a checklist for women
Should you tangle with a married guy?
Your friend, the penis: a user’s manual
The near side and far side of women’s sexual power
For a great time, keep these two body parts open
“Should I get back with my ex — after five breakups?”
What were you thinking, girl? How to stop self-sabotage
Access your infinite well of beauty


Compassion and humor light the way

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Who’s Better to Give a Woman Dating Advice Than a Man?

5Five Stars at Amazon on June 12, 2013

This Time, There’s Truth In Advertising – This is Absolutely the Best Dating Advice I Ever Got!

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Dr Ali is the BEST!!!

5Five Stars at Amazon on May 28, 2013

The Best Guy Friend You’ll Ever Have

5Five Stars at Amazon on May 11, 2013

As soon as Dr. Ali said he wanted advance readers for his next book, I was like “YESSSSS MEEE.” I read and loved “The Tao of Dating” and I wanted more.
This book is the answer to my desire for more. Where “Tao of Dating” was a broad guide to changing your approach to dating, this book is essentially the targeted advice you get from your best guy friends. It’s detailed, specific, and fun to read. I anticipate rereading it many times.

In short: get this book. If you disagree with any of his points, figure out why. Feel free to argue with him–it’s a great way to discern your own views on what he’s talking about. But above all else, listen to him.