Give Me One Month & I'll Help You Get Out of a Dating Slump, Draw Out Your Inner Stud So You Can Watch Your Success With Women Improve Leaps and Bounds Beyond What You Thought Possible -- For YEARS to Come

In Just 4 Weeks in the 'Metamorphosis Program' -- aka 'De-Slump Your Dating' -- Develop Your Own Consistent, Long-Lasting SYSTEM to Meet More Fantastic Women, Get More Dates, Have Greater Intimacy In Your Life, Become A Multiorgrasmic Man -- AND Have a Ton of Fun While Doing It

Tuesday, Dec 07 , 2021 , 12:53 PM

Tao of Dating for Men

Hey man. How are ya. Dr Ali B here.

As you're sitting there, reading these words, I hope you're having a superb day. Because your life -- ESPECIALLY your love life -- need not have a recession.

Now you could be having a slump for any reason. Or you could be doing okay and just want to boost your romantic life to the next level.

Well, now is a fantastic time to improve your love life.

The Seed of Opportunity Within Crisis

Why? Because now that go-go materialism has been discredited somewhat, people are starting to pay more attention to things that really matter. Like personal relationships, for example.

And if they're underemployed, they may have actual time to spend with one another. Don't worry about the money: good company don't have to cost nothin'.

The point is this: within every crisis lies the seed of opportunity.

So if your dating life isn't quite where you want it to be, maybe this exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

Now I don't know what your particular dating challenge is. Maybe you can't approach women. Maybe you're too shy to get numbers. Maybe you don't know how to ask a woman out.

Maybe you can do all of those things just fine and you get plenty of dates. But they all kinda go flat, and nothing happens.

Maybe you want to be better at getting physical with women. Or getting them to call back.

Maybe you have always been awesome with women but suddenly, inexplicably, out of nowhere, you lost your mojo.

Maybe you just got divorced and have no idea what this whole dating biz is about -- starting at Square One.

Wherever you are, my friend, I can tell you one thing: I've lived it -- or something very close to it.

I've been turned down, stood up, laughed at, dumped and stood back up again more times that I care to count. I know what it's like to be a single guy out there. Heck, I am a single guy out there!

Now there are hundreds of guys out there, many of them tall with model looks, telling you how to be successful with women. Thaaat's nice.

It's a little bit like Kobe Bryant trying to teach you how to dunk: "Just jump and stick the ball in there." Easy to say if you're gifted like that.

Pretty and tall I ain't. But one thing's for sure: like you, I know how to figure stuff out.

And I figured out a lot of this dating stuff through years of study and trial-and-error.

Painful and hilarious at times, but it's done now. And I'm in a position to share the results of that with you guys. So you don't have to suffer through the process.

The Right Program for Smart Guys Like Yourself

Now I know you're a pretty sharp dude -- those are the guys who usually end up finding me. And that's who I designed the program for: smart, stand-up guys like yourself.

If you've already consulted some dating resources in the past and didn't quite get the results you wanted, read on.

I had a similar challenge in my life. Every time I attended a seminar or read a good book, I'd get a quick boost in my skill level and, subsequently, my sense of fulfillment.

And then gradually, it was as if those skills would exponentially decay, leaving only a small remnant that became part of my actual working knowledge.

Of all the books I had read, all the good advice I had received, all the techniques I had learned, I was implementing only a fraction of it in the long term.

That's freakin' tragic (and costly)! And it's happening all the time to all of us. Especially in the arena of dating skills.

Knowledge to Skills to Killer Dating Results

So I decided to do something about it. I studied the people who had developed lasting, long-term competence in a field. And found out what you had to do to turn your knowledge into skill, your skill into results, your results into long-term fulfillment.

First is mentorship. You can't get good stuff out unless you first put good stuff in. A mentor can be anything from a book to a live person. And a live person is orders of magnitude better than a book. The people with the most impressive accomplishments were invariably those who had some kind of coach.

Second is repetition -- "the branding iron of learning," as my neurology professor in medical school used to put it. You practice a forehand, you get better at it. You practice a passage in a piano piece until you nail it. This happens longitudinally -- in other words, over time.

Same goes for dating. You do the approach until you get better at it. Getting numbers, asking women out, setting up dates, moving things forward physically, and developing the courage to do all of these things with power and grace -- all come from practice. Doing it over and over again.

Third is reinforcement. Somehow, you've got to get some encouragement when you do things right -- otherwise, the brain doesn't know that this new thing that you're doing is a good thing. And the good thing may never become a permanent part of your behavior.

And fourth is accountability. Yeah, sure, in some ideal world, we're all tremendously disciplined and diligent beyond words. But by now, you know that having a deadline, or someone to report to, or some benchmark you have to achieve, is a powerful impetus for getting even more done.

So that's why I've created the Metamorphosis Mentorship Program and invite you to join me. It's a four week intensive workshop done over the web and over the phone with yours truly, Dr Ali Binazir, to take your dating life to the level that you really deserve to have it. And with it, the rest of your life as well.

Whether that means having more dates with more women, more intimacy, wild sex or just finding that one person that truly fulfills you -- I'm here to help you realize that goal. And turn that into a habit, so you can realize that goal for the rest of your life. Consistently and reliably.

Because, let's face it: you already have access to all the information. The web and bookstores are bursting at the seams with systems and books and gimmicks on picking up women, getting women into bed and dating.

There are 2-day bootcamps, 4-day bootcamps, one-day seminars, $2000 workshops, $4000 CD sets -- you name it.

In fact, right now, through a Google search, you have access to more information than you could possible handle to improve your love life.

So -- why aren't you implementing it?

As I've always said, the power is already within you. It's just a matter of drawing that power out, of implementing what you already know.

That's what 'education' means, from the root Latin word educare: to draw out.

Secret missions to draw out the best possible version of you

So this is what we're going to do: we are going to get together on the phone twice a week. Me and a small group of spirited warriors who are dedicated to getting the most out of their lives.

I will pair you up with a partner who is matched with you according to skill level and goals. And I will give you missions. You will be accountable to me and your partner for completing those missions.

And that's where the fun begins. Because chances are you have never done any of these missions. And many of you would have gone entire lifetimes without doing them if it weren't for this program.

I can't tell you what the missions are -- they're secret. I'm sure you understand why. Some of you who have attended my Transformation Weekends have an idea of what those missions are like and how they expand the envelope of who you are so you're just more empowered and more effective.

What the Participants Had To Say

"This is the problem I wanted to solve: Reading lots of materials, dvds, newsletters, ebooks, newsgroups, etc, and getting tons of information overload, but still feeling like I have no idea what to do when out in a social situation.  Feeling like I am spinning my wheels on "self improvement", but not really even improving.  Being too hard on myself.  Feeling like there is no one else in the same boat as me.  Feeling lonely.  Feeling like the only time I can be social is when intoxicated.

This is what I did in the course: Took baby steps and bite sized chunks, and built slowly on a daily basis, so that my comfort zone was expanded each day.  Actually did the exercises and homework, since I was held accountable for it, unlike when you read a book, and it is very easy to just skip the exercises, or say you will do them later, which of course you never do. 

Attended all of the teleseminar classes, talked with my "partner" via email, facebook and phone, about our progress.  Listened to the mindtracks and audios and bonuses.  Did the readings.  Did crazy things like laying on the floor of a Qdoba restaurant for 10 seconds during lunch.

This is what happened as a result of the action I took: I became very comfortable saying hello and talking to strangers.  Became more outgoing, and comfortable in social situations.  Improved my social skills in general with men and women.  Got back in touch with some old friends I hadn't seen or heard from in years.  Threw a going away party for a coworker that I probably would not have in the past. Expanded my comfort zone in different ways.  Felt like I was radiating a more positive energy in general.  Got the contact information from a cute chick at a coffee shop, completely sober, which I had never done before. 

Felt better about myself in general.  Felt like each day I was making tangible progress, and incremental improvements, and had a focused plan for improvement, instead of randomly jumping from material to material, and not implementing the stuff in the materials anyway.  Made friends with my partner and other cool guys in the class."

--Tim B., 33, Colorado

Course Structure

Here's a summary of what your Metamorphosis Mentorship Program is going to be like:

Format. Two weekly recorded calls with me, Dr Ali Binazir. There will be a mixture of lectures, workshop drills, written exercises, and trance learning to plant the seed of ideas, get you motivated, and burn in the skills you'll be refining.

This part will be a little bit like a Transformation Weekend, only stretched out over the course of a month.

Content. I'll be drawing on concepts from Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism and contemporary spirituality to radically transform your ideas about the self, masculinity and love. Then, when we've laid down the groundwork, we'll go into the deep techniques of male-female polarity, creating attraction, and sexuality.

I'm interested in men who are committed to the idea of becoming all-around powerful men and building the foundations for their own long-term fulfillment and those around them. If that's you, then you will naturally be interested in this program.

How The Pipeline Model Brings You Even More Dating Success...

When I was working in the drug industry, I noticed that there were some parallels between drug development and dating. Basically, you start out with a large number of potential drug candidates, and after a step-by-step selection process, you end up with a winner -- a drug that makes it to market.

In dating, you encounter a large number of women in your everyday life, and after a multi-step selection process, a small number of them end up actually being in your life. Here are your steps:

1. Find. Are you going to the places where there are interesting women?

2. Meet. Of those that catch your fancy, how many are you actually saying 'Hi' to?

3. Get contact information. Okay, now you met her. Did you get a phone number or email?

4. Follow-up. After you got the information, did you actually follow up with her in a timely manner?

5. Second encounter. Did that follow-up turn into a date?

6. Progression to intimacy. Did that first date turn into some kind of physical intimacy?

7. Third encounter and beyond. Were there repeat dates after the first?

It should be obvious to you that any increase in the volume in Step 1 will directly translate to increases in every other department as well. The more women there are around you, the more you will meet, attract, and date. Pretty simple.

But what about the other steps? There are 6 more of those.

Well, here's the really good news: a small improvement in each of those steps can improve your dating success by a HUGE amount.

Who else wants to QUADRUPLE his dating?

Let's say you improve in each of Steps 2-6 by only 30% -- which may not even be detectable at first glance. How much overall improvement in your dating life does that translate into?

Well, that would be a 30% improvement multiplied by itself 6 times -- or 482% ! A measly 30% improvement in your skill in each department means you can quintuple your dating.

If you're a real trooper and you go for a 50% improvement in each department, you're looking at a potential 1139% improvement. More than 11 times where you started.

Now these numbers are just for illustrative purposes, and your mileage may vary. And if you're starting out with zero, then 11 times zero is still zero. (And if you're already dating one woman, then 11.4 of 'em isn't necessarily a blessing.)

That's why I insist that you have at least some skill and experience before you start the program -- some material to build on.

On the other hand, some of you will naturally and easily double or triple your approach rate or the number of contacts you get. So 5x and 11x won't even represent your improvement.

And, in the end, it's not about numbers at all. Those can vanish in an instant. It's about being the best guy you can be, and having that sense of fulfillment, power and grace wherever you are. And that's something that no one can take away from you.

What the Participants Had To Say

"I joined the MMP because I knew that Dr Ali is seriously committed to helping anyone improve their whole lives - not just dating

I really welcomed his focus on internalising really powerful beliefs that allow you to accomplish great things.  The MMP didn't disappoint.  We did two weeks of work becoming stable in our attitudes toward women and what it was that we were each seeking.

Part way through the course I was in another city to see an amazing Jazz artist and have dinner at the club (which required a lot of trouble getting a reservation).  I was in touch with a girl in that city who I was interested in, so asked her along.  She said yes.  Easy. 

The night of, one and half hours before dinner, she flaked on me -- due to illness (or something).  I had confirmed the table earlier that day, so I was now without a date and in trouble at the club due to my booking.

Did I get mad - yes, did it hurt inside - no.   I felt so empowered.  It genuinely did not hurt at all.  I stayed calm and all I could still think about was the great evening I could have regardless...

Anyhow, feeling empowered, I went.  I had an amazing night.  I am so solid in my beliefs that I was not at all nervous about cold approaching one of my heroes in the band that was playing. 

And incidentally I ended up having dinner with someone else and going back to her place.  All I can give Dr Ali is my thanks and respect.  All you need to do is join the MMP right now to get closer to the life that you envisage for yourself."

-- Alex N., 20, London, UK

What can you get out of your Metamorphosis Mentorship Program for your dating life?

Having said that, these are some of the things I want you to get out of your mentorship program:

  • Have the courage and skill to approach an interesting woman in many, many more places than before. Opportunities are everywhere. Triple the number of initial encounters, and everything else is bound to triple, too.

  • Have clearly articulated goals for your dating life and beyond. Before you can hit a target, you need to have a target. Once you have your goals written down, you can naturally move towards them with power and confidence.

  • Double or triple the size of your social circle. The more people you know, the richer your social life, and the more meaningful interactions you'll have -- including hot dates.

  • Establish habits of success for the rest of your life. Techniques such as meditation and affirmation, done regularly, will make you grow by a foot or two. Somewhere on your body. Figuratively speaking :)

  • Have a choice of several women to ask out on any date. More choice means more power for you.

  • Become a multiorgasmic man. This is a completely new way of enjoying sexuality -- and one that you and your female partners are bound to notice and appreciate. Really appreciate.

  • Make lifelong friends with a bunch of really cool guys from all over the world. You're going to get to know your group of guys really well, and you're going to put each other through a lot. I've made a lot of great new friends through seminars, and you will, too.

And how much is all of this worth to you?

We'll be spending about 8 hours together live. That's about half the time I spend with you at a Transformation Weekend seminar. Since that's priced at about $1200, let's say that's worth $6o0.

But you know what? That's kind of meaningless. I like to provide so much value to you in my courses that it doesn't even make sense to put a price on it.

How much is one new friend in New York or London that you can visit and hang out with worth?

How about being that guy that women whisper and giggle about in parties because he can have more orgasms than all of them put together?

How about curling up on the couch with your dream woman on a Friday night to watch a movie -- and never thinking that a chance encounter in a supermarket could end up this way?

Listen to this story right here, because getting one of these letters is priceless to me:

What the Participants Had To Say

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has even the slightest inkling of self-accountability and a desire to live a life where they are being true to themselves.

I liked it because, not only did it give me an excuse to get out and meet people, but it also gave me the tools I needed to be doing it for the right reason. In the past I had developed a reputation for being successful with women, but it was as "bad news", for "being a player" and generally just not being the type of man that you wanted your daughter to be around.

I am not as ashamed of this reputation as I am the fact that I enjoyed bringing this kind of emotional pain into the world. There were times I would break couples up, or set women up to take emotional falls just for kicks.

I did this because I had been hurt in the past and was out to hurt every female I could. I have since been in a long-term relationship which ended fairly recently and have been trying to avoid falling back into this emotional wasteland.

My outlook on life has changed dramatically since those days, but until I took this course I didn't know how to successfully interact with women, as a single male, unless I had bad intentions.

Dr. Binazir's course has given me the emotional tools I need to approach women from the right place; one where I can simply enjoy interacting with them for the splendid beings they are.

One great example of this was the complimenting exercise. Some "gurus" give you the impression that the best way to interact with women is by lowering their perceived self-worth. While this may work in the short term, in reality you are lowering both of your "true-worth."

When you think about it; what message are you sending to yourself by trying to lower her self-esteem? You are telling yourself that she really is better than you and you have to make her think otherwise. Whereas by giving her a compliment (sincere, but non-needy), you are saying, "I see this admirable quality about you and I myself am valuable enough to give you this piece of value without asking anything in return"; i.e., we are two equals. In my opinion this is true "inner game."

To me inner game isn't having such a huge repertoire of material that you have a come-back for every occasion; it's being so comfortable in your own skin that you are actually capable of coming wholly and sincerely from the heart without worrying about rejection or acceptance. You are just being who you are and doing your thing. This course has done nothing but cultivate and nourish that type of emotionally healthy thinking for me.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the mediations on "no-self" and "galactic consciousness." Given my past inclinations to be an emotional wrecking ball, I found these helpful because they helped me to realize that everything and everyone is connected. Why would I cause pain to another when I could instead bring pleasure and happiness? It just makes more sense to bring goodness and prosperity into the world when you see the world from this perspective.

Finally, I am extremely excited about becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Talk about a valuable skill to bring to the table. I might even have to start calling up ex-girlfriends and see if I can show them my new trick. Plus if I ever manage to make that ménage-a-trois happen (a goal before I die) I have a pretty strong feeling this will be a huge asset. Alright I know it will be. Either way, I'm hellaciously excited about it.

All in all, it's been a great program, I have benefited hugely from it and would recommend it to anyone who's willing to put themselves out there and do the exercises; whether it is someone like me, who needs a better frame for dealing with women, or someone who needs any frame for dealing with women. This course can be a life changing experience; you just have to let it.

Thanks for the opportunity!"

-- Steve M., 28, mixed-martial arts/ultimate fighter, Alabama, USA,


That's right -- he's an ultimate fighter. And that's what he got out of the course. These are experiences that are rightly priceless. And...

In addition, you'll receive these valuable bonuses

  • The Tao of Dating suite of ebooks, which includes The Tao of Sexual Mastery and The Tao of Social Networking. This is basically the textbook for the class, and I want to make sure everyone has read it before we start. A $70 value.

  • A minimum of four Mindtracks, including the Approach Maximizer, The Tao of Masculinity, and the Polarity Amplifier. These are topic-specific mini-lectures with a hypnotic script designed to burn the concepts deep into your unconscious and turn them into automatic behaviors. At $29.95 each when purchased singly, this represents a $150 value. For more information on Mindtracks, visit the Mindtrackstore.

  • Email tutorial during and after the course. Most people take a course, get really excited about the material, then go back to their old selves after a little while and forget about the cool new stuff they learned. We want to make sure you really get this stuff, so you'll receive weekly tips and reminders to test out your techniques, making them a natural part of your behavior. A $70 value.

  • A full download of the very popular How to Work A Room teleseminar with transcript. Effective networking will be part of the essential skills you'll be developing for the Metamorphosis Program, so I want to make sure you all have a copy. A $47 value. If you're separately interested in that program, click here.

The bonuses alone add up to $337 of value. And this is not some speculative thing -- it's the actual cost of the items if you were to buy them from us separately. Add to this the actual value of the seminar, and if we were to put a number on it...

All of this adds up to over $1000 of solid value

Last year the course was $397, and the participants said it was worth every penny.

This is the De-Slump Your Dating Program. Everyone's got whacked by the economy -- I totally get that. And my whole point is to make this course accessible especially because of all this recession stuff.

So I'm offering you the program for a mere $297. That's less than the price of the goodies included in the course, so it's like you're getting the course for free.

This is what real education is about

Some of of the results you'll get from this course will feel like magic -- I'm not kidding. Just knowing that in a dating situation where you formerly may have felt frustration, fear or helplessness you can now enter with power and choice -- that to me is magic.

Moreover, these are life skills that you are going to use for a long time to come. And you're getting it over a whole month, with plenty of repetition, reinforcement, accountability -- and serious mentorship.

In other words, in a way that's designed to stick with you and become part of your behavior. Not just another good idea that gathers dust in the corner of your mind without having positive impact on your live. This is about you getting real results -- in your dating life and a whole lot more.

It's also going to be a lot of fun. The missions, which I can't really tell you about yet, are going to be way outside of your comfort zone -- a little bit on the zany side. Which will give you the result of having a bigger part of the world inside your comfort zone.

Look -- no one's forcing you to take this class. You're going to do it of your own volition, because you want to! And because the information is directly applicable to your life, right here, right now, you'll be that much more enthusiastic about taking it rather than some college class you had to take.

You'll also be doing the course with a really cool group of guys just like yourself. They're walking the same path of personal growth. And you'll grow that much faster for having these fellow warriors along the way.

What the Participants Had To Say

"You may recall that at my age (38 years old) I am interested in meeting a high quality woman, marrying, having kids and settling down.

So how has the program impacted me? Life changing really. I now feel (through the pipeline model) that I have a framework for handling my dating life in a positive way moving forward.

The most immediate impact has been that I compared the current relationship I was in with my Perfect Partner profile. This relationship has been one of the most positive relationships I have experienced in the last few years (eg she is a lovely, intelligent woman, with a sense of humour and no drama to the relationship etc).

However, there were some significant obstacles (she lived in another country and is not looking for another child as she already has one). While it has been a very emotional decision, if I am to strive for my Perfect Partner, then I have to believe in the law of abundance and let this relationship go.

Meanwhile, something seems to have happened! My friends have commented upon it and even my brother's wife remarked on it. That I am appearing happy, radiating inner contentment and an aura of being very balanced (one female friend even claimed to see a blue aura around me - but we had been drinking  LOL). Sure I am doing my exercise regularly again - but I am crediting a lot of it to the meditation and listening to the MindTracks.

And abundance, long may it continue, but at the moment I can't keep up with the volume of women I am meeting in person and on-line! At pubs and clubs, I have recently noticed, that women move themselves to put themselves in proximitry to me.

On-line I only have time to reply to the winks and favourites I receive - I am not actively searching and sending cold emails (this amuses me no end as I have not changed my profile from a month ago!). 

My next task is to master the pipeline model to screen for the women that meet my Perfect Partner profile.

These are my first thoughts... I think I am still coming to terms with the internal attitudinal changes which have occurred. Best regards!"
-- Nick D., 38, London, UK


Try Out Metamorphosis Risk-Free

I'm so convinced that you will absolutely love the material in this course that I'm offering a full 100% money-back guarantee up to a full week after you've signed up for the course and received all the bonuses. After that, we expect you to be committed to the course since you'll have a partner who's counting on you. After a week, if you feel that you didn't learn at least one thing that will significantly improve your dating results, just let us know by noon on the day of the third class, and we'll be happy to issue a refund right away. And you can keep all the great bonuses.

This is indeed a no-brainer. Enroll me in the program please

What the Participants Had To Say

"I never felt that I had any major problem with any one sticking point.  It was a matter of putting it all together and taking action in the real world.  This course took me step-by-step and helped me take action.  I can't say that the course forced me to take action as it was much too natural and fun to feel "forced."

Through the step-by-step process I was able to slowly get out there.  My big moment came with online dating.  Much like you, Dr Ali, I am not into online dating.  However I am beginning to rethink this.  I took your advice and created what I titled the "Potential Date:  Screening Process and Application."  I spent quite a bit of time on the application and I am quite proud of it.  At first I was frustrated because the formatting was not right and it came out as one giant paragraph but I pushed through because I was committed to taking action.  After I figured this out, I made it right I posted it online and began to wait.

I did not wait long.  After about 45 minutes the responses started to roll in.  They were coming in every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes 2 at a time!  

Even though all of the responses were not great about 80% of them were solid, sincere responses!  There is nothing that that creates an abundance mentality more than 8 women competing for your attention.  I also had responses like the following (shortened for relevance):


My name is ---, and I just read your application.  I go to Craigslist for pure entertainment, and found it with your wit and charm. I've never printed out anyone's entry before, but decided that whenever I am in need of a little mental pick me up, that I will take out these 5 cleverly worded pages and have a sigh and a laugh.

This floored me!  I have never had such a huge compliment in my life.  Although she is out of my age range I am flattered none the less.  Even more so since she was not trying to get a date (or anything else from me).  

Now when I talk to a girl in the "real world" I am much more effective because I know that I have many more "at home" just waiting for me.  Even with all of the great info out there (most of all yours) I would not have completed this specific task had it not been for this course specifically.

That same night I saw a girl who I have met before at work and she seemed extra flirty with me.  Her friend told me she likes me.  Coincidence? maybe but how I behaved after she told me was all me.  The new me.  I kept my composure and plan on following up soon.  This is on top of the 4 solid contacts I have pulled of of craigslist.

Thanks for everything!"

-- Tom B., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I'd like to register for my class now, Dr Ali

Final thoughts

I've said this before, but it's worth repeating: I've attended a lot of seminars, and it's pretty safe to say I haven't left any of them $2 million richer, or had women instantly swarm to me like bees to nectar as soon as I stepped outside, or had people throwing $100 bills at me.

But if I learned just one thing that I implemented later, met one person who became a friend or helped me along the way, had one mental shift to see things from a new perspective, or heard just one word that set me on a path of greater enrichment, each one was worth it.

One more thing: this course isn't for everybody. It's for a certain kind of man, on a path of growth, empowerment and service to the world while designing the best kind of life for himself. An intelligent man of spirit, courage, and serious backbone.

This is all about expanding your comfort zone. Which means that you're not going to get to 'be yourself' (my favorite euphemism for being lazy). This is about testing out new stuff, some of which will be novel and unfamiliar, downright different, and sometimes radical.

Sure, I'm there to help you along and make it as easy as possible for you to win at dating and the rest of your life. At the same time, it will require effort and initiative on your part to really use the material and make it a natural part of who you are.

And frankly, I've got a reputation to maintain here. I'm a demanding teacher and only want the very best students. Are you one of them? If so, here's how you can enroll now:

I'm ready to start MY Metamorphosis Program

As I've said before, one of the most powerful concepts of the Tao is the power of now, and the only time anything happens is right now. Tomorrow never comes. In fact, if you're reading this now and thinking that certain aspects of your life could be better, it just may be because some day, way in the past, you wanted to do something and said, "Oh, I'll do that next time. Oh, that pretty girl will walk by again -- I'll say hi to her then. I'll take the next seminar that comes along. Yeah, I'll get around to taking care of this part of my life LATER."

And LATER never came.

When you postpone your own fulfillment, the only thing that happens for sure is postponement, which is not anyone's idea of fun. So if this is the course that's right for you, if this is the kick-start you need to get on with living an unprecendented life, then why don't you join us. I would be thrilled to have you, and we're going to have a lot of fun.

Just freakin' DO IT.

The power is within you, my friend,

Dr Ali Binazir

P.S.: This material draws from and expands upon my other courses which have already helped a lot of people get more fulfillment out of their lives. This material is derived from psychology, neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, contemporary spirituality, and my own experience. Hundreds of students just like you report that the material has worked for them -- and they were just reading it in a book. You can just imagine the additional impact that mentorship would have on your results. In addition to the rigorous standards of quality and organization that I bring to every course from my academic background at Harvard, Cambridge and UCSD Medical School, I'm dedicated to making your course fun and immediately usable in your daily life. It's everything you want to learn in exactly the way you most enjoy learning it. We've done all the effort of bringing it together and done all the quality control so you don't have to worry about a thing. So come join us -- it's going to be a blast. Click here to register for only $297

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