Dr Alex Benzer presents 'De-Slump Your Dating' aka 'The Metamorphosis Program'

How to Get Out of a Dating Slump NOW -- and STAY Out of It!

I'm Dr Alex Benzer. Thanks for joining us for the preview teleseminar on Tue 9 Feb 2010, 5pm PT/8pm ET. Here's some of what we'll cover together:
  • Why NOW is one of the best times to take care of this aspect of your life once and for all.
  • The ONE THING that may be holding you back the most without you even knowing about it.
  • The Dating Pipeline -- what it is, and how to start getting more throughput.
  • How to QUADRUPLE (at least) the number of women you're meeting pretty much immediately. It's just a tiny mental shift...
  • Why you want to be a Multi-Orgasmic Man -- and how to get started on that right away.
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