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"Hi Dr Ali,
I have been reviewing your Belief Supercharger for about a
week now. I find it to be really helpful in the sense that it makes
you think from within and that concepts are easy to get a hold on.
I was just inquiring when will the next instalment be coming out. Cheers"
-- Adam, England

"Dr. Ali,
I've been listening to the Belief Supercharger everyday for
the past 5 days. I can already feel benefits from it! Do you
have other hypnosis mind tracks?"
--T. S., Denver, CO

"I have bought the Tao of Dating and it's awesome!... I
especially love the Mindtrack. I was hoping to get the other
-- R. S., Briarwood, NY

Friday, Jan 21 , 2022
9:29 PM

Dear Friend,

When was the last time you learned something life-changing -- and you actually applied the information and changed your life for the better because of it?

It happens all the time. We hear about a great idea in a book or seminar, and we think, "That's really powerful. I'm really going to apply those principles to my life."

But then, for some reason, things get in the way. Work, chores, family obligations. And a few weeks later, in spite of your resolve and the initial boost you got from the great idea, you're right back where you started.

Why does that happen, even when we know that a new idea is really, really good for us? Why is it such a challenge to actually implement positive personal change?

Sometimes it has to do with having a good teacher. Just the other day, I was sitting at a lecture, and the speaker was so dynamic, so powerful, with a message so lucid that everything he said just made sense. I left the lecture hall feeling strangely uplifted, knowing that I had truly learned something.

There's so much information coming at us all the time that it's easy just to let things go through one ear and out the other. But this was real learning, in the sense that I knew I would actually apply to my life the things that I had heard. And I did.

All of this made me think: What made that teacher extraordinary? And how can I apply those principles to what I'm teaching in The The Tao of Dating™?

Like you, I've spent a lot of time sitting in classrooms -- 22 years at last count. By now, you know that there are good ways of learning things, and better ways of learning things. And as a student, teacher and therapist, I've been looking for the best way to make learning happen. Learning that has tangible, long-term, positive impact on your life. And I have found that there are three R's to learning:

Receptivity. Repetition. And Rehearsal.

Receptivity has to do with how open your mind is to the message. You have to be interested in the message, and your mind has to be relaxed and ready to receive it. Stress, overexcitement or internal objections to learning tend to get in the way. And if the message is too long, we tend to shut down before receiving all of it. Brevity counts.

Repetition has to do with how many times and in how many forms you get the message. Generally speaking, the more times and from more channels a message reaches you, the more likely it is to be learned.

Actual rehearsal makes the learning permanent. A wise man once said, "Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I'll remember. Involve me, and I will understand."

So I set out to create the ultimate learning tool to help you make the principles of The The Tao of Dating™ a part of your behavior. A custom-made vehicle to help you become the best you can possibly be, putting into action the principles of Receptivity, Repetition and Rehearsal.

This tool would create optimal receptivity by allowing you to achieve a deeply relaxed yet highly attentive mental state. The message would be of just the right length -- about 15 minutes -- for you to receive while you're still in that high-receptivity state.

Because of it compactness, it also allows for optimal repetition . Even with a busy schedule, you could easily listen to it daily if you wanted to.

Moreover, it would allow you to rehearse the material mentally. The brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what it imagines vividly. So using this learning tool would be the next best thing to actually doing the exercise.

That's why I put together my knowledge of psychology, visualization, hypnotherapy and linguistics to create for you The The Tao of Dating™ Mindtracks: The Ultimate Way to Empower Yourself From the Inside Out.

Each Mindtrack has an Introduction and two learning modules:

  • The Didactic Module explains the concepts of the Mindtrack in plain English, just in case you want to review the material. This is the part that speaks to your conscious mind.

  • The Integrative Module first puts you in a relaxed state optimal for learning, then uses five different techniques to really get the material integrated in your mind. This part speaks to your unconscious mind -- the part really responsible for creating new beliefs and behaviors.

Each Mindtrack will cover a different empowering topic, drawn from the world-class The Tao of Dating™ curriculum. The first Mindtrack -- the one that everyone was writing in about -- was the Belief Supercharger. The second one is the Attitude Supercharger. Other installments will cover further topics to harness your inner power and external behavior for maximal effectiveness:

  • Most of my readers say that the approach is the hardest part of courtship for them. The Approach Optimizer gives you the tools and puts you in the right frame of mind to automatically capture opportunity when it arises -- the same way you would grab a $100 bill if you saw it on the sidewalk. Wherever you are now, it will significantly increase the ease of your approach.

  • Where are the quality women? The Finding Optimizer not only reinforces where you can find them, but it also tunes your brain to the frequency of abundance which can only help you achieve even more success in every area of life.

  • So now you've found someone you'd like to meet. The Meeting Maximizer goes several steps beyond the Approach Optimizer to put you in the mindset to make the most out of your meetings with women.

  • There is such a thing as natural charisma, and I've been studying it for years. The Magnetism Amplifier is the sum total of my best thinking on this subject and a powerful hypnotic script to turn you into a human electromagnet.

  • Attraction seems to be the topic on everyone's mind when it comes to dating, and one of the more elusive. The Attraction Builder harnesses your innate, unconscious abilities to amplify attraction the way you've already been designed to do it for thousands of years.

  • Most of us encounter plenty of opportunity in all speheres of life, but just don't end up taking proper advantage of it. To take action, you need courage, and the Courage Amplifier is what gives you that boost. This is all-new material that's near and dear to my heart.

  • What does it mean to be a man in this day and age when it's no longer enough to bring back home a hunk of woolly mammoth? The Tao of Masculinity brings you back to your purpose and the very source of your power as a man without apologies or regrets. The most controversial of the Mindtracks to date, and one of the most powerful.
  • And many more...

As an example, here's what you will find inside the Attitude Supercharger:

Didactic Module:

  • The two powerful, easy-to-use ways of expressing attitudes -- the rules of attitude and the roles of attitude. You can put these ideas to work and feel the difference immediately .

  • The six rules of attitude that will make you empowered, rejection-proof and irresistibly attractive.

  • To express your full potential, you need to do so within your integrity . Here's how to reconcile the reality of games and manipulation with your integrity.

  • Boys are so 2005 -- women want men. Here are the three criteria you need to fulfill to bid the boy a fond farewell and embrace your true manhood.

Integrative Module:

  • All of the above information in a form to activate your unconscious mind and create maximum receptivity, optimal repetition and mental rehearsal.

The involvement of your unconscious mind is of paramount importance here. The reason that a lot of self-improvement programs don't work as well as they could is that they only engage your conscious faculties. But in order to have the results that you want, you must do the right things, which in turn flow from being the right person. To be that person, you start by having the right beliefs and attitudes. This is the Be-Do-Have philosophy of the Tao.

The best way to instill new beliefs and behaviors is to fully engage your unconscious mind in the learning process. Here's how the Mindtracks optimize that learning process for you:

  • Mindtracks are a passive learning medium . That means no reading or writing is required -- you just sit back, relax and listen. The Mindtrack and your unconscious do the work for you.

  • The one comment that I have gotten 100% of the time after doing a guided visualization session is that it's enjoyable . You are guaranteed to feel relaxed, energized and absolutely fantastic after listening to a Mindtrack. When was the last time learning was this much fun?

  • The more fun something is, the more likely it is that you'll do it. With its short length of 15-20 min, you're more likely to listen to a module multiple times -- and learn the material even better. It's like an energy bar for the mind -- concentrated, useful brain food.

  • Learning in a trance state makes the material part of your unconscious mind. This means that usually the information becomes available to you automatically, right when you need it, without your having to remember it consciously.

Now I don't know exactly what you want to get out of these Mindtracks. But I'm assuming that you're on the same path as I am -- namely, to be the best you can possibly be in this lifetime. To do that, you want to have the right tools to capture the value of the learnings that you spend time, money and effort on.

A small key is capable of opening up a gigantic door. And perhaps Mindtrack technology is just the key that's been missing for you to open up huge new vistas of success for you -- not just in your dating life, but in everything that you do. Because The The Tao of Dating™ is about taking care of your whole life. And the Mindtracks do that by putting to use the power of your whole mind.

Subscribe Now at a 50% discount!

Sign up for the subscription here for only $19.97 a month. Individual pricing for the Mindtracks, if you buy them one at a time, is $29.95. So with a subscription, you're getting a 50% discount. It just makes more sense. The Mindtracks are also spaced and sequenced in a way that make it much more likely for you to listen to them regularly and incorporate them in your life.

  • This is the Mindtrack that got it all started. Right results come from right actions, which in turn come from right beliefs. The Belief Supercharger gets deep into the kind of beliefs that maximally empower you in your dealings with women.
    Adopting new beliefs is challenging, but the Belief Supercharger makes it easy by repeating the key beliefs in a way that your unconscious can accept and recall naturally and effortlessly.

  • The Attitude Supercharger complements the material in the Belief Supercharger, adding more practical and behavioral components to it. Specifically, it deals with the 6 Rules of Attitude, giving you powerful tools for getting great results and anchoring your masculinity.

    The goal of this Mindtrack is to have the right attitudes instilled in your unconscious so you access them automatically in the appropriate situation, without having to think about them or remember them.
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  • Time and again, men tell me that their #1 challenge in dating is with the approach. This Mindtrack contains some of my best, most practical, most effective ideas for approaching women and handling rejection.
    Whether you want to be an absolutely fearless approach machine, or just to have the tools to capture the opportunity to meet that one desirable woman when she comes along, the Approach Maximizer is for you. Just to prove its effectiveness to yourself, listen to it right before going out once or twice, count the number of women you speak to in that outing, and notice the difference from your normal outings. I'll bet my favorite hypnosis book you'll get a huge boost, and if you don't, this Mindtrack's on me.

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  • Where are all the great women? The Finding Maximizer gives you that answer -- first, what type of women you're looking for, and second, where the best place is to find them. It then activates your unconscious resources so you become maximally attentive to your surroundings and aware of the opportunities around you.
    If you want to multiply not just the quanity of women you meet but also the quality, the Finding Maximizer Mindtrack is your trusty companion. Listen to it right before going out for the evening for best results.
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  • How willing would you be to move a child out of the path of an oncoming vehicle? Or to help an old lady cross the street? What if you could bring that strength of Positive Powerful Intent to every encounter you have with women? Would you be more willing to meet them? You bet you would!
    The Meeting Maximizer makes it easy for you to meet women anywhere -- coffee shop, gas station, restaurant -- by harnessing your own best intentions to move you forward. Prepare to have more phone numbers on your hands than you possiby know what to do with.

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  • Nelson Mandela, Elvis, Gandhi -- these people had a natural magnetism, a certain charisma. Some people say that can't be learned. However, all excellence can be modeled, and the Magnetism Generator is designed to get you in the state of mind and body of the naturally charismatic man.
    This is one of the most powerful trance inductions amongst all of the Mindtracks, so it's definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you're ready for an Integrative Module that massively shifts your physiology towards feeling like a rock star, then this is the Mindtrack for you.

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  • Ahh, attraction. That elusive factor that everyone talks about but no one really understands. This Mindtrack deals with what women want, the physiological basis for attraction and a proven formula for creating a powerful romantic context that women find irresistible -- straight out of the meatiest chapter of the Tao of Dating.
    The Integrative Module then sets your mind-frame such that you are always the selector (i.e. the picky buyer stance) while being compelling in a way that women have little choice but to respond to you. This is the ultimate personal trainer for your attitude, giving it the precisely guided workout it needs to grow in power and strength right where you need it.

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  • What would you attempt in life if you knew you were absolutely unstoppable? And how many times did you let a beautiful woman pass you by simply because you hesitated? And how many more opportunities for meeting quality women would you have if you were to obliterate this hesitation?
    This is exactly what the Courage Amplifier is all about. The willingness to take action is the cornerstone of all your successes in life -- in dating, work and beyond -- which is why the Courage Amplifier is one of my personal favorites. That way you can flow like water and capture opportunity whenever it presents it to you.

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  • What does it mean to be a man, and how is that different from being a boy? In modern times when gender roles are blurred and a man's role in the world is not entirely clear, the Tao of Masculinity proposes a powerful yet compassionate model of manhood which empowers you in your dating life and beyond.
    Specifically, this Mindtrack puts you in the mindset of ultimate power and attractiveness -- that of the King. When you walk, talk and feel like a King, as this Mindtrack trains you to do, the other details of your success in dating and work have a chance to easefully fall into place. The ultimate way to implement the Be-Do-Have paradigm of success.

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  • You know how you hear a really good idea, and you say to yourself, "I'm definitely going to do that next time I go out," and then you just kinda forget? The Tao of Dating and the Mindtracks cover a lot of information from how to get the right mindset, find quality women, meet them and attract them, and it's easy to miss a point here and there.
    I created the Outing Optimizer to be the one-stop shop that reminds you of all those nuts and bolts things right before you go out. In addition to that, it's designed to put you in a supercharged state that is optimized for doing all the things you'll be doing when you go out and have not just huge fun but huge success as well.

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  • I've always said rapport is the key to any successful social interaction. Inside rapport, anything is possible; outside it, almost nothing is possible. This Mindtrack is an advanced crash course in the technique and physiology of rapport.
    Listening to this Mindtrack will allow you to gain unconscious skill in achieving and deepening rapport with anyone very rapidly. Whether you want women to instantly warm up to you, have walls of resistance melt like snow in the sun or for everyone to think you're solid gold, this Mindtrack will allow you to increase your persuasive powers and achieve more of your social and business outcomes when the interaction really counts.

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  • Whether you know it or not, persuasion has been the cornerstone of all your success in life -- from getting mom to feed you as a baby, to getting that last raise at work, to getting that dreamy girl on a date. So why not get really good at it -- especially since nobody teaches this to you at school.
    This contains some of the highlights of the Tao of Persuasion Home Study Course (you can go to www.TaoOfPersuasion.com for more information on that). The Integrative Module gives you that mental practice of potent persuasion techniques to make them part of your everyday behavior. That way, you boost your persuasion ability severalfold so you can close more deals that bring more juicy fun, joy and success to your life.
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  • Most people who go out come back empty-handed because they don't have a well-defined outcome. In fact, that may be the single biggest reason for failure in life! This Mindtrack trains you not only to become outcome-oriented, but to get you moving powerfully towards that outcome.
    The Integrative Module for this Mindtrack is a powerful visualization designed to move you towards your outcome naturally and easily. By helping you vividly rehearse your outcome in your mind hundreds of times, the Outcome Maximizer primes you for unprecendented success in every area of your life, especially in your dealings with women.

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  • This is absolutely one of my favorite Mindtracks. It picks up where the Courage Amplifier leaves off, and it's all about giving you that extra boost, that quality of gameness and unstoppable energy that says, "Sign me up! I'll do it! Bring it on!" To me, that's the essence of what makes life worth living.
    People always ask me, "Is it possible to use hypnosis to get motivated?" Well, here's your answer. The Integrative Module for this Mindtrack is particularly potent, as it gets you in a state such that you feel as if all obstacles have been removed and you are compelled to move with greater and greater speed and power towards your outcomes -- like a piece of metal drawn to a huge electromagnet. The first time I heard this induction, I was charged up for weeks, and I believe you will be, too.

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  • What does she really want? What is she thinking? What's it like being a young, beautiful woman? It's challenging for a man to really understand a woman. One way to do it is through years of painful trial and error. The other is to actually spend some time looking at the world through the eyes of a woman.
    The Integrative Module for this Mindtrack, which was part of the Advanced Transformation Weekend seminar in March 2007, takes you through a radical process of vividly imagining what it's like to be a beautiful woman living in this world. The seminar participants had huge a-has after listening to this. Some of them said that it was the first time they truly gained insight into women's behavior -- insight that gave them a big advantage when it came to dealing with women in a dating context.

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  • What do you really want out of life? If there were one chief difference between the mindset of highly successful people -- whether it comes to dating or business -- and only somewhat successful people, it would be that highly successful people have direction and move with powerful intention. This Mindtrack is designed to make you harness the power of intention, both in practical and metaphysical ways, so you're moving
    towards your goals with purpose, power and grace.
    Intention is one of those things that works best at the unconscious level -- you just can't be thinking about your intention consciously, the same way you can't think about how to run or walk. This Mindtrack has the effect of dropping an 'intention engine' in your unconscious mind, moving you towards getting in touch with your true purpose and putting the power of intention behind that purpose.
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  • I've always said that if there's one concept that summarizes all of the Tao of Dating teachings (and perhaps that of the Tao Te Ching as well), it's wealth-consciousness -- the idea that abundance is the order of the world, and that there's always more where that came from. Lapsing into poverty consciousness may very well be the root cause of 99% of all issues in the realm of dating and prosperity.
    This Mindtrack is designed to make you hyper-aware of all the abundance that surrounds you at all times that we sometimes tend to filter out. Upon repeated listening to this Mindtrack, you'll be in such a state of heightened bliss and gratitude that you'll be empowered to share that with whomever you choose. This will aid you in most of your challenges in approaching women; you may also be surprised to find that it will help you with whatever pre-existing relationship you have already.

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  • The quality of calmness and equanimity is the foundation of your masculine power and also one of the highest ideals of Eastern wisdom. Although every Mindtrack is a meditation, the Equanimity Generator is particularly designed to make equanimity a habit in your life and the backdrop to all your actions.
    Consciously or not, women are always looking for a man they can trust to weather the storms of life and to be a source of stability amidst the turmoil. When you develop your inner calm, women have no choice but to sense unconsciously your deep masculine power and thus be attracted to you like iron filings to a magnet. You'll also feel like a million bucks after the meditation, which is a nice side-benefit.

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Before you know it, you will have built a fortress of personal power, brick by brick. As Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And the best part of it is that, a few months down the road, as you look back on all the success you have had as a result of using Mindtrack technology and remember today to have been the start of it all, it will have all seemed effortless in retrospect.

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  • An mp3 recording and 30-page transcript of the October 2005 Teleseminar. In that teleseminar, I illustrate many of the points from The Tao of Dating by applying them to an actual night on the town. You learn how to structure a date, where to go and what to do -- in a way that you're likely to remember even better than just reading it out of a book. I also go over the concept of relentless positivity and how it can empower your living and dating. The hour is so packed with information, it only makes sense to have a 30-page transcript to go along with it so you can refer to the information later on. Together, these two represent a $24.95 value.

  • The step-by-step, one-page summary outline of the How to Work A Room Teleseminar of June 2007. Take this with you next time you go to a social event, follow its steps and watch as the numbers you get and the friends you make go through the roof. A $30 value.

My Ironclad, 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in these products so much that they come with my ironclad 90-day full money-back guarantee. I put a lot of time, effort and thinking into the Mindtracks to make them into the best tool you can find anywhere to empower yourself from the inside out using the proven principles from The The Tao of Dating™. If you feel that your Mindtrack did not deliver on its promise of expanding your power and making you feel fantastic in the process, simply write to us at service(at)thetaoofdating.com and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

Why am I so confident that you're going to love the Attitude Supercharger and all the other Mindtracks that follow it? Because you, my customers, have been telling me how much you like your Tao of Dating™ products. This is why I have a 97% customer satisfaction rate and get letters every day from all over the world telling me how well the material is working for them and how great it makes you feel. And of all the products that I have, the most popular one is the Mindtrack, hands-down.

So let me take the guarantee one step further. You don't even have to make an effort to use the product to ask for a refund. If you're not fully satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price within a year. And because you've entrusted me with your time and confidence, I want you to keep the bonuses, compliments of us. And you know what? The Mindtracks are digital products -- you get to keep them either way. Nobody's going to hunt you down and demand that you erase them from your hard drive if you ask for a refund.

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You will then receive your subsequent Mindtracks automatically about every 30 days. If at any point you wish to cancel your subscription, simply write to us at service@thetaoofdating.com and we'll take care of you immediately.

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Here's What Some Other Tao of Dating™ Clients Have to Say About Mindtracks

I've designed Mindtracks to be the best product out there for empowering you and unleashing your full potential when it comes to dating and other areas of your life. But you don't have to just take my word for it -- here's what some other Mindtrack customers have to say:

"I had a great day today!  Found myself in the elevator (at my office building) with two great looking girls, and any other time before, I would feel nervous to start saying something.   This time, I even amazed myself! I started talking with them and had them laughing..one of them asked me where I work and asked if we can meet for lunch sometime... I gave her my card and said that she can call me when she is ready for me!!!! 

I was so relaxed and really did not really care ...It was unbelievable...

I guess listening to your Mindtrack (for over 3 weeks now) that came with your "The Tao of Dating" that I purchased, has started working...  It definitely makes sense now. Keep them coming !!! Great Material and want to thank you for putting it all together!"

 --Dimitrios K, Georgia, USA

"I have been listening to the Belief Supercharger for close to two months now. As
a licenced NLP trainer I believe that as well as doing your field work you
should also be doing something for your inner game.

For me the Belief Supercharger is perfect for a person with a busy lifestyle - I've loaded mine onto my iPod and it has travelled with me to Spain, Singapore and Australia in the last month. In particular I think it has helped me overcome one sticking point I had - oneitis. I now believe that there is an abundance of women out there. In turn, I find that my behaviour is becoming more confident but also more relaxed around women."
--Nick D., London

"I really feel like the Mindtracks have been more useful than much of the reading on these subjects has been.  I constantly find myself remembering sayings from the Mindtracks that just appearing in my mind unconsciously in appropriate situations.  I doubt I could repeat any of them off the top of my head if you asked me but when something is happening, they just magically appear which is very useful. 

I think in our busy go all the time lives now that even just the time spend relaxing and focusing on my breathing, semi-meditation, is invaluable.  I look forward to that 20 minutes spent with my eyes closed ignoring the busy world outside for at least a short moment. Thanks!"
--Ken B., San Francisco

"The best thing I can say about your products, particularly the Mindtracks, is that they have helped me not just in my dating life, but maybe even more so in other areas.  I still listen to all the mindtracks regularly--even the Belief and Attitude supercharger mindtracks--because the ideas they present have helped me when facing other challenges, such as in my career or my finances.  The ideas instilled by the mindtracks have carried over to how I approach almost everything I do.

Ironically, because of this ongoing transformation I'm less concerned with dating for the sake of dating, and more interested in developing that feeling of fulfillment "from within."  I realized that my attitude had changed when I chose to stop seeing the woman whom I dated most recently. As pleasant as she was, there was just never any chemistry. 

In the past, I probably would've continued asking her out and tried to "make it work."  But thanks to you, I'm able to move on, grateful that someone better is out
-- Andrew A., San Franscisco

"I'm really liking the Tao of Dating Mindtracks. They are helping me to build up my self esteem. Before I had subscribed to the mind tracks I was having no luck with the ladies. I was so shy and self conscious that I barely talked to them at all. I sometimes preferred avoiding them all together because of fear of rejection. Now I'm talking to almost every attractive woman that catches my eye. And most of them are giving me phone their phone numbers without me asking for it. Please keep up the good work Dr. Ali."

--Josh W., Indiana, USA

"Just wanted to let you know that the Belief SuperCharger MindTrack is giving me an UNBELIEVABLE boost. I've been learning about "dating" for over a year now, but I'm finally getting to the point where I'm using the material and starting to have success with it. The MindTrack is giving me a huge nudge forward every day. Thanks a million man..."
--Timo, The Netherlands

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In any case, I will let you find your own reasons why The Tao of Dating™ Mindtrack Technology is right for you. I thank you for your time and attention and reading this far. And remember -- the power is within you. All the Mindtracks do is bring it out.

Your friend and guide,

Dr Ali Binazir

P.S.: This is exactly the product that would have helped me out tremendously in my own journey of growth -- had it been available. It just might be the missing piece for you in the self-improvement puzzle, that crucial ingredient to get you to the next level of success -- and help you stay there. That's why I created it for you guys, and that's why I really want you to have a chance to test it out for yourself. It costs less than a book, is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic, and it's backed by my 90-day, 100% money back guarantee, so feel free to go ahead and order with complete confidence by clicking here. You have nothing to lose but your fears.

P.P.S.: If you haven't listened to a Mindtrack before, you still may wonder what this is all about and if it's right for you. If that's the case, that's okay -- just click below to listen to a full demo. Even though the playback quality is much lower than the real thing, it should give you a taste of the technology and what it can do for you.

Belief Supercharger-- Didactic Module

Belief Supercharger-- Integrative Learning Module

Download: Track01: Introduction (1.5Mb, 3sec to download on broadband)

Download: Track02: Didactic Module (10Mb, 21sec to download)

Download: Track03: Integrative Module (10Mb, 21 sec to download)

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