A little less Yang for a lot more Yang

I love this book. Dr. Ali has written this much condensed, almost play book for dating, version his The Tao of Dating. You must get both. The The Tao of Dating goes into much more depth and science and why it works. It will make you believer. However, this book breaks that down into 20 steps with even some more every day applications. I printed each of the 20 steps onto a single page so I can look at it whenever I head out into that “Supermarket” of the world. i.e. leave my home!! Dr. Ali pointed out one huge problem I have had. I am lawyer, run my own business, am a single mom, and have a fixer up house. I am in Yang mode all the time. I had assumed guys would like that better than emotional messes of my female friends as I am easy going and self reliant. That is so wrong. It just makes them think of me as one of the guys. They love watching football games with me and talking about their girlfriend problems with me. However, they never seem to want to date me. After reading Dr. Ali’s book, I started wearing dresses ( I didn’t much before because I don’t like my legs) and let my hair grow longer. That certainly made me feel more feminine and the responses were immediate. I even let a man order my meal for me a very nice restaurant. Truth is that I was very tired and the place was really expensive. I didn’t want to feel badly about how much money he was spending and didn’t want to analyze it to death. I simply folded the menu and said, “I’m tired of making decisions today, could you please order for us?” He loved it. He told me a couple times later how much he loved that. He said he was really surprised by that because he knew how much I had traveled and that I was a foodie. Who knew? So thanks to Dr. Ali I am having a lot more fun and doing a lot less work!