Amazing LIFE book, not just dating

GET THIS BOOK! I have never purchased nor felt the need to purchase a dating book before. I was drawn to this particular work because Dr. Ali combines spiritual tenets with proven scientific facts to give great advice for dating and for life, and I am so glad I got it. All of his tips are really about how to cultivate a positive and confident outlook on life, which creates a positive and fulfilling dating experience. My favorite nugget of wisdom – and there are many- is to want and seek the food, not the menu. This means not looking for someone who looks good on a resume, but someone who provides real fulfillment in the form of great conversation, caring gestures and support.

There are many great exercises in this book and most of them are based on the principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Anyone familiar with NLP knows that it is a fantastic way to improve your life by improving your thoughts and beliefs. I found them all to be immensely helpful.

Dr. Ali’s writing style is easy to follow and full of humor, making this book an enjoyable read and a great self-help tool! I doubt it’s a coincidence that within a week of starting to read this book I had three dates set up with three different guys :)