for all women, however smart….

Dr Ali’s style is no nonsense, but gentle – like a kind brother or friend. The book uses both a scientific and spiritual approach. There are lots of good practical suggestions – for example on where to meet potential dates, and how to spot men who ultimately won’t be able to measure up but also there is the spiritual Tao side which helps one to let go a little and trust in the abundance of the universe.
I thought the book had two main themes – one is to be the best version of yourself you can be for your own sake and working towards that. The other is the insight into the way men think and what is important to them and appreciate it is different from women, but no less valid. Knowing what matters to them helps you interact differently and more successfully – and to be prepared if things don’t go quite as you hoped.

Like one of the other reviewers I don’t fit into the professional, IQ off the chart model – but the advice and ideas put forward by Dr Ali will apply to all sorts of women. The book has helped me to understand how important it is to be myself and that being authentic is so much more attractive.

There’s lots of great information in the book, and I have read it through more than once – in fact writing this has reminded me of so many good bits that I’m going to read it all again.