Super Charisma: My top 10 tips for increasing your personal power, Aug 13 + 14

Alright people! It’s time to teach you some Really Useful Stuff.

The whole Tao of Dating program is about becoming the most effective, fulfilled version of you. As you know, I’ve been teaching charisma and public speaking for some time also. It’s one of the cornerstone skills of being an effective human being — and yet, one that has been strangely neglected in our educational curricula. Hmmm.

Well, I’m here to rectify that glaring shortcoming. Of course, being more charismatic will improve your dating life. The very definition of charisma is to magnetize people to you. It’s the stuff attraction is made of.

But even more important: this is the stuff power is made of. And my not-so-secret agenda with The Tao of Dating is to help people like you become even more powerful.

I want you to win!

Why? Because I believe that wise, well-intentioned powerful women are in an excellent position to effect positive change in the world. And lord knows the world could use some positive changemakers right about now. So let’s give you some tools to do that, shall we? Awesome.

So allow me to introduce to you a brand-new, totally free webinar. I’ll teach you my top 10 tips for being a great speaker. And I’ll do it in a way that you will REMEMBER ALL TEN OF THEM. Even if you don’t take notes. Possible? Oh yeah. I totally have faith in you :)

We’ll do it at 2 different times to accommodate all the different time zones from LA to NYC to London to Berlin to Sydney. Click on your preferred time slot to sign up. This email is going out to thousands upon thousands of people, and there are only 100 spots per slot, so sign up soon and show up:

Super Charisma: 10 Tips for Becoming a Transformative Speaker (60min + 15 min Q&A)
Tuesday, 13 August 2019, 12 noon PDT/3pm EDT/20.00 London/5am Sydney OR
Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/1.00am London/10am Sydney

Obviously, if you’ve never attended one of my webinars, it’s 100% new content. And if you’ve already attended the “Charisma Killers” webinar, this will be 90% new content. And you’re probably due for a refresher anyway – especially if you’re not using all the skills all the time.

See you then & there, Dr Ali

PS: If you really want to attend the webinar and these times still don’t work for you, drop me a line and let me know what times do work for you. Would a Saturday class work better for you? Midnight webinar party with prosecco? Talk to me.

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