The 5 Magic Questions recap & replay

Ladies –

Thanks for your enthusiastic response to the “5 Magic Questions” workshop! An unusually large number of you signed up (and paid!) for the livestream, so if that was you, I hope you’ve had a chance to listen/watch in the last week.

The response of the live audience was very enthusiastic. I’ve already done 2 podcast interviews as a result, so I’ll take that as a vote of confidence.

I went through a lot of material in the 90min. Some highlights:

1) Am I enough?
Wrong question, yo. Might as well ask “Am I a horrible person?” Questions direct the function of your brain, so ask good ones. Some better options: How can I make others feel like a million bucks? How can I serve? How can I be someone’s answered prayer today? THAT’s the kind of power that cannot be taken away from you.

2) Am I buying or selling?
Who has more power in a job interview, the interviewer or the interviewee? Then be the interviewer. Since a date is basically an evening-length job interview that costs you money, I find this analogy particularly apt.

3) What do you really want?
This is complicated. We went through an exercise that will really clarify this for you, using the 5Ks framework and another neat hack involving looking back on all your breakups (fun!).

4) Do I feel safe?
There’s faux safety, which basically duplicates the environment you grew up in. And there’s real psychological safety, which allows your full flourishing and the giving of your gift to the world. Know the difference.

5) Who am I really?
I did 3 visualizations and meditations to radically reconfigure your mind around this one, so yeah, you just may have to listen to it :)

You can download the workshop for free, then decide how much you want to pay. In an election year, this is about as democratic as it gets. And I get to receive some extremely honest feedback from you, in the form of how much you’re willing to plunk down (recommended minimum: $5; maximum: none :-) Fair enough? You can zap the dough via Venmo (@abinazir) or Paypal (

Audio download (65.3Mb, 90min)

Video download (1.21 Gb)

Go forth and conquer, AB

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