The Art of Female Orgasm: Tue 21 June teleseminar with Nicole Daedone

One of the remarkable people I met at the recent TEDx San Francisco was Nicole Daedone, who told me she was the founder of OneTaste.  I wondered: Is OneTaste a Buddhist organization?  Perhaps a new restaurant, with just one item on the menu?

Well, sort of.  Nicole teaches orgasm meditation (OM), more infamously known as the 15-minute orgasm.  I realized I had already heard of her through Tim Ferriss’s latest book, The Four Hour Body, in which he declares that Nicole’s teachings “should be required learning for all men.”

It should also be required learning for all women, especially those who are not having enough orgasms.  That’s pretty much all women. I mean, who can argue with more orgasms?  Exactly.

Depending on how you approach Nicole’s work, you may find it revolutionary, subversive, kinky, spiritual, life-changing or just plain necessary.  Which is why I’d like you to listen to Nicole and decide for yourself.  Her book is Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm. She’s doing a mini-seminar for you guys free of charge, so write this down in your calendar:

  • Date: Tuesday, 21 June 2011
  • Time: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern, 1am London
  • Call-in number: +1 218 862 1300, code 667202
  • Duration: 45min + 15min Q&A

If you’re a woman, you obviously want to listen to this.  And if you’re a guy and interested in making women happy, you’ll want to listen to this, too.

Nicole has taught hundreds of men and women, so she’s gleaned deep insights about male-female dynamics.  In fact, my favorite parts of the book are Chapter 6, ‘What Men Should Know About Women’ and Chapter 7, ‘What Women Should Know About Men’ — ten dead-on insights for each one.  I’ll endeavor to share some of those with you over the next week, and I want you to ask her about them during the call.

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PS: The interview was fantastic!  Here’s the download link for your listening pleasure: Recording of interview with Nicole Daedone on the Art & Craft of Female Orgasm (15Mb)

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