The secret to joy and fulfillment, Kabbalah-style

As I was organizing my books today, I came across a slim volume by Kabbalah teacher Michael Berg entitled The Secret (no, not that one — a different one).  Small format, large print and few pages meant I could re-read this puppy in a matter of minutes — and I’m glad I did.  As far as boiling it all down to one principle, this Secret is a pretty good one:

The only way to achieve true joy and fulfillment is by becoming a being of sharing.

Profound, eh.  I also like the “three-part progression at the heart of Kabbalistic wisdom” that arrives at this formulation, and I quote:

“1. The only way for us to achieve fulfillment is by achieving oneness with the Creator [or Source, or Nature, or whatever you want to call it] the source of all joy and fulfillment

2. Oneness with the Creator is achieved by becoming like the Creator in our essence, for spiritual oneness is accomplished through similarity of spiritual form.

3. The Creator’s essence is one of sharing.  Therefore, to become like the Creator, we need to transform our essence and nature from that of receiving to that of sharing.”

Some of you out there have a hell of a time with the receiving bit, so instead of toning that down I’d say work on sharing even more.

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