The Compassionate Brain by Dr Rick Hanson and some superstars of neuroscience

I have some excellent news for you. There is this free online seminar series that you should take advantage of. It’s called:

Rick Hanson’s The Compassionate Brain – Free Video Seminar Series

I’m really excited about this one, and every one of you should sign up for it. Why? Because it’s being put on by renowned psychologist and author Dr Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom and Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time. And he has assembled an all-star cast of speakers on the topic of ‘The Compassionate Brain’. If you don’t know who all of them are yet, that’s okay – I don’t either. But the few that I do know are teachers so wise and so inspiring that just an hour with them can change the course of your whole life:

  • For years Richie Davidson has been sticking Buddhist meditators in an MRI and telling us what happens. He is the awesomeness. And that is no typo. He is, indeed, the awesomeness.
  • Prof Dan Siegel wrote one of my favorite mindfulness books of recent years called Mindsight. Can’t wait to see him speak again.
  • Prof Dacher Keltner of UC Berkeley knows from happiness. He’s done groundbreaking research on emotions and power. He also has excellent floppy surfer dude hair.
  • Dr Jean Houston is a world-renowned scholar and teacher who’d definitely be a qualifier in the Earth Mother contest. She radiates wisdom, I kid thee not. Rumor has it her IQ is over 180.
  • Drs Kristin Neff and Kelly McGonigal round out the roster. I’ll be telling you more about Kristin soon, and Kelly has an upcoming book on willpower and a CD set entitled The Neuroscience of Change: A Compassion-Based Program for Personal Transformation.

I don’t think it would be possible for me to oversell this series, because it’s free! I do not make a penny off it. But it’s exactly the kind of stuff I believe in – wisdom practices backed up by science. These teachings have the potential to transform the consciousness of the world, one happier kinder brain at a time.

The series started on Monday Oct 8 with Richie Davidson, but you can still go watch the video. The rest of the talks are Mondays 8-9pm ET, 5-6pm PT. You’ll be glad you checked it out. Full info, as written by Rick Hanson himself.


For Sounds True, I’m hosting a free 7-part video series with extraordinary guests – The Compassionate Brain – that will give you effective ways to change your brain and heart and life.

Beginning October 8, 2012, on seven Monday nights, 8-9 pm Eastern time (GMT -4), I’ll interview a world-class scholar/teacher (in order): Richie Davidson, Dan Siegel, Tara Brach, Dachar Keltner, Kelly McGonigal, Kristin Neff, and Jean Houston. Each week, they’ll discuss different ways to use the power of neuroplasticity – how the mind can change the brain to transform the mind – to open the heart, build courage, find compassion, forgive oneself and others, speak and act from both kindness and strength, and heal the world.

You can watch live or see the archived videos if you miss a session. These unique conversations with first-rate experts are freely offered – along with their  practical tools for cooperation, empathy, and kindness. (The series is particularly timely in light of a U.S. Presidential election occurring right in the middle of it.)

Our world has needs at different levels (economic, environmental, cultural, etc.) but the common factor in all of these is the human brain, whose ancient fight-or-flight circuits are dragging humanity toward if not over the brink. If more people and more brains – and thus more hearts and hands – turned toward compassion, that could make a real difference.

So I would really appreciate your support for this series. You could sign up for it yourself and – please – forward this email to tell others about it. It’s interesting, solid, practical, convenient, and free. And, one brain at a time, it might help nudge things in a better direction.

Wishing you the best,
P. S. Here is a brief video of me talking about the series.”