“Am I pretty enough?” (VIDEO)

This letter brings up one of the questions that every woman (and man) since the dawn of time has posed herself: Is she prettier than me? And if so, why should I even bother?

Hi Sir, I’m wondering if you think that most men will cheat or be interested in a woman if she is prettier and if it’s futile to try and date knowing that once a guy sees someone more attractive he’s going to want to pursue her instead? Even working on my self-esteem isn’t helping me in this area. Sincerely, Marisa

Well, Marisa, I’m experimenting with this newfangled internet thing, so I’ve decided to give you a video response. Exciting! Also, a reminder that I’ll be talking about all this stuff in glorious detail at The Tao of Dating LIVE in San Francisco, 20 May 2014, 7-9pm. Sign up here. And here’s the video: BlogLetter1_0515014 

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5 Comments on ““Am I pretty enough?” (VIDEO)”

  1. Diaph

    excellent short burst of wisdom, Dr. Ali. just what i needed, and so true! wish i was closer to SF. thanks for your generosity!

  2. Constant Jim

    More of a question than a comment. Okay, so now we know what is required to maintain a stable relationship by making a man feel that he is 50 feet tall, can accomplish anything he sets out to do, etc the obvious follow up question is how does she accomplish that? She has convinced herself that she is the best possible woman for him. What’s next?

  3. Lisa

    Very good video! My guy has been very honest with me about these things and pretty much has said the same thing. There will always be someone prettier, etc. Believing in myself as you said and also trusting my guy is what I’m focusing on as well.

  4. Rima

    Hi Ali,
    i can’t make a man feel he is the best in the world, or accomplish everything he wants. it is too much pressure for me, if have to do this, I don’t even know how to do! that is too complicated.