Dating advice for women & men: How to Make New Friends Easily


Thanks for your super-enthusiastic response to the ‘Project Love’ video.  Seems like it struck a resonant chord with a lot of you.

The key thing to remember is to just get back to basics sometimes.

So often we get caught up in the adult world of upholding our own supposed importance that we forget the simple ways to make a human connection — y’know, the stuff we used to do in the sandbox as kids (and I’m not talking about scurrying off with Mary Jane’s toys, you little rascal you).

The content of this here video is so simple as to almost be elementary — but mega-important! And I bet my entire chocolate stash (and it is vast) that you’re not doing it nearly enough.

Once again, you get to see me in a way-exotic locale.  And just like the last video, just doing the practice will make you feel good.

As before, feel free to share it with friends the way you know how (Facebook, Twitter etc).  I bet each of you knows at least one sourpuss who could benefit from this.  Also you have my full blessing to embed this on your own site/blog so long as it benefits more folks.

The power is within you,

Dr Alex