Free preview of “Project Irresistible” 6-week training Mon 28 October

Ladies — This November, I’m starting a revised and updated version of the 6-week Project Irresistible: Embody Love, Feel Great About You and Get the Guy. It’s been almost 2 years since I did this online class, so in the interest of making sure you have someone interesting to make out with on New Year’s Eve 2014, it’s about time we did it again. Tonight, I’ll be doing a free version of the class in which I will give you all the tools to design your own Project Irresistible and to find out more about the 6-week class and how you may find your own reasons to sign up for it. Here’s the information for tonight’s free class:

WHEN: Mon 28 October 2013, 5.30pm PT/8.30pm ET

CALL-IN: +1 218 862 1300, access code 667202

DURATION: 60min + Q&A

Right-click to download a recording of the preview call here or click to listen to it right here, right now.

Ready to register for the 6-week course and have more love in your life? Click here.

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3 Comments on “Free preview of “Project Irresistible” 6-week training Mon 28 October”

  1. Colleen

    I couldn’t make this call! I’m bummed, really wanted to hear about this. Is there a recording I can listen to?

  2. Rosie

    Hi Dr Ali,
    thanks for the intention of leaving the recording available; the link isn’t working, it goes to a page not found page.
    Also the link you sent for the interview with the “Compelling People” author the other day didn’t work either. You may need to talk to your web guy!

  3. Susan Ray

    Rats… I am very interested in your Be Irresistible course but wanted to listen to the preview call to get a taste (I couldn’t on Monday night – it was my son’s birthday). Unfortunately this link isn’t working. Help… :)