Tip #1 of 20: The world is your supermarket, so stop acting like you’re starving.

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3 Comments on “Tip #1 of 20: The world is your supermarket, so stop acting like you’re starving.”

  1. T

    This is perhaps one the things that has helped me to relax more, especially because I fancy a guy a lot a the moment, and when I get a bit obsessive about him, I think that the world is a man supermarket and my attitude changes, immediately. It helps me to relax and see things in perspective. I even used this when on holidays in a non-western country, where my type is not easily found, and still found gorgeous men all over. I apply sometimes your exercise of finding squares/men in a relaxing way and I have noticed that there are many more attractive men that we can even imagine, and that just going out, opening your eyes and your love radar, even in the usual areas that we usually move around, makes a huge difference. The idea that the world is a supermarket of men also helps to bring a guy down from his pedestal, no matter how gorgeous he is, and put him at the same level of others, so we (I) need less interested, and he is more!

  2. carrie sheridan

    mostly, you are only looking for ONE person! ONE!
    you donT need to find 10 or 100…

    you can do this.

    AND help him to find you (By being in places where He-The-ONE is hanging out…