Video Mailbag #1: On younger men, sleeping with him too soon, and too much fabulousness

I asked, and you ladies responded: I am now officially getting more letters than humanly possible to respond to via stylus and parchment, quill and papyrus, and hell, even finger and keyboard. More efficient means of transmitting data need to be invented.

Oh wait — what’s this you say? Video? I can just record my mug as I say stuff? And upload it for free for the world to see? I love the 20th century!

Today, I’m addressing three letters: one on whether sleeping too soon with a guy kills his interest; whether or not to date a younger man just for fun; and whether a woman should diminish her fabulousness to make her more approachable to men who just can’t handle it.

Here’s the video:

Please like, share, comment, and disseminate worldwide ’cause I want to be as big as Bieber when I grow up. Just kidding! I have no intention of growing up.

Love, Dr Ali

5 Comments on “Video Mailbag #1: On younger men, sleeping with him too soon, and too much fabulousness”

  1. Michele

    I am glad you are getting too many emails to answer, Dr. Ali. Am I beginning to sense a theme here?? “What do YOU want?” I have really benefitted, in answering this question to working through “Calling In the One.” Without the answer to that one question, you just end up confused and floundering. As women, we are taught to people please from a very young age. But I can say by clarifying what it is I want, it has made meeting the right guy much easier.

  2. Susan

    Loved your response to the first letter (about sleeping with a guy “too soon”). I have been in a similar situation and completely second-guessed myself about whether the outcome would have been different if I had behaved differently. But I think you’re right: the guy distancing himself from the relationship was all about him and his issues, and that’s not the partner one should want. One should thank the guy for removing himself when he isn’t the right guy!

  3. jules

    So happy I stumbled upon the video. The timing is perfect. I need to clear my head over a first date with someone I thought was the perfect fit–we had connected so well online. He was so enthusiastic about meeting, but when we were together, things were lukewarm…we had fun, but I could tell he was tentative–I’ve been going through bouts of taking it personally to flipping it the other way and appreciating my worth–it’s been a big roller coaster. Thanks for reminding me that I am a catch–for the right guy.