How to overcome negativity (audio)

Recently I had the pleasure of giving a talk at First Tuesday, an outstanding service organization for women run by my good friend and colleague Marcy Cole.  The talk was about how to overcome negativity.  In a spirited 45min, I shared with the audience practical tools that take anyone’s state from ‘blah’ to ‘yeehah’ in mere seconds, including:

  • The ‘Yes’ technique
  • The pen technique
  • Anchoring
  • The FRC protocol (Feel-Rise-Choose)
  • The color-water-shape-number technique <– deadly effective!
  • Supremely corny jokes sure to lift your spirits (unless you’re a guy, ahem)
  • And precisely one wagonload more

Right-click here to download: How to overcome negativity by Dr Ali Binazir (45min, 22mb)

[Note: There’s a little bit of a rustling sound because the recorder was in my pocket, so I recommend that you listen to it without headphones for a more pleasurable experience.]

Be sure to comment here and let me know how they work for you.  Here in the lab, we can use all the feedback we can get…

Best, AB

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  1. Lisa

    Thank you so much for posting this audio file on your website! I’m very grateful for this valuable – not to mention, fun and engaging – resource. Again, thank you.