Love and the Empowered Woman: TEDx 2012 (video)

In November of 2012, I gave a talk at the TEDx Financial District Women event. It was well-organized with many great speakers from whom I learned a bunch. Here’s my talk. As usual, I try to pack 3hrs of material in 18min — piece o’ cake. Some stuff I cover:

  • Who you really are vs. who you think you are
  • What you think makes you happy vs. what really brings you long-term fulfillment
  • The infamous ‘YES!’ drill
  • The rapid self-compassion drill
  • Scandalous story from my childhood
  • And much more…

Many thanks to the fabulous women who made it happen — Michelle Fetsch, Gretchen Sweet, Valerie Taormina, Ilana Rieser, Stephanie Staidle, and all the others I’m going to hear about for not including on this list.

3 Comments on “Love and the Empowered Woman: TEDx 2012 (video)”

  1. Liz

    Ahhh, how much I wish I could view this in mainland China. Indeed, we do not have access to Youtube, or Facebook here. (No government’s fault. I believe this is the decision coming from the corporate side…) Well, I will make up for it when I come back to US very soon. :)

    I retrieve the old mails you sent to us. I just adore you, Dr. Ali! YOU ARE AWESOME, wise, hilarious and a great friend for all the fabulous women!!!

    Much Love,