Blitz Consults! Office hours this Fri 22 April

Last week we had so much fun doing blitz 10-min consults during office hours that we’re going to do it again!

Apparently it was a mega-popular thing, so this time there will be twice as many slots:

  • Time: Fri, 22 April 2011, 1pm-3pm Pacific/4pm-6pm Eastern
  • Number: +1 218 862 1300
  • Sign up here:
  • Confirm via email with ‘Confirm blitz session [your time]!’ in subject line: drali (at)

Enter your name and first initial, and shoot me an email at drali (at) so I know to expect you. If you do not confirm, I’ll give your spot up to someone else. Then call 2 min before your slot and wait till I unmute you.

There are twelve 10-minute slots.  There are many thousands of you.  This means there are fewer slots than there are people.  Translation: get a move on if you want to get on.

You can cover a lot of ground in 10min if you have a well-defined topic in mind.  A 10min consult is like me writing you a 5-page email.  So be prepared so we can get the most out of our time together.

Some FAQ:

Q: Will this be recorded?

A: I didn’t record it the first time, but I will probably record it this time for possible inclusion in my podcast.  If you don’t want to use your real name, don’t.  The people waiting for their slots will be hearing you in any case.  Think of it as a small radio call-in show.

Q: Can I only ask questions about my love life, or are there other acceptable topics?

A: Although most of you know me because of the Tao of Dating books, I’m interested in all aspects of self-growth.  In fact, many of you have noticed that the Tao of Dating books are really self-improvement books craftily disguised as dating guides.

So any question related to self-improvement is cool by me.  If it’s beyond my expertise, I’ll refer you to the appropriate sources.

Q: What if I flake and don’t show up without taking my name off the list?

A: The names and emails of all no-shows will be put up on the blog for all to see and wag fingers at.  You will also earn my eternal wrath, which is a terrible thing to behold. We’re adults now — take responsibility.

Q: Is it possible to arrange a private consultation after the 10-min session if I need one?

A: Yes.  10min is enough time for me to diagnose your challenge and suggest some remedies.  However, to really dig deep and resolve the problem usually requires more concentrated effort.  Shoot me an email and we can arrange a 30-, 60- or 90-min consult.

Q: Are you going to have office hours for your European, Asian and Australian readers?

A: If there’s interest, absolutely!  Send an email with ‘Do office hours for [your country]’, and if I have enough people, I’ll do it.  Koalas are people, too.

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