Funny Valentine’s Day Video (or: my first attempt at a book trailer)

There are certain things I am good at. I cook a mean salmon. I can say “Gimme a beer” in Swedish and Chinese. I’m a passable ping pong player, and some say I’ve written a coherent sentence or two.

Marketing, however, is not my thing. Not even sure what it is, really. Sounds like one of those made-up words like moisturize that people started using just because others started saying it. But if it makes people laugh and helps them find something useful, I’m all for it.

So this is my first video designed for the sole purpose of making people laugh and helping them find something useful they may not have known about (sorta like a benevolent ad). The favor I ask you: if it elicits a smile, chuckle, or makes you laugh out loud (LOL!), please click the thumbs-up ‘Like’ on YouTube, and share it with friends (since it leads them to a free audiobook). ‘Cause it’s almost Valentine’s Day and lord knows everyone could use a laugh:


Dr Ali B

PS: The video doesn’t light your fire? Rubs you a non-exfoliating way? Doesn’t improve your free throw? Then tell me in the comments how you would make it even better. I’m all ears.

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