Happiness Engineering: 3.5 ways to boost your mood instantly

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to speak at a friend’s monthly event. It’s a casual, friendly series of informal talks modeled after the TED Conferences, so he calls them FRED Talks (y’know — like a friendly TED). Oh, and you only get 5min to speak.

Now, by now you may have gathered that, unless I’m underwater, I have a lot more to say than just 5min. So what could I possibly convey to this attentive crowd in 5min that’s potentially life-changing?

Ah yes — happiness engineering. In those 5min, I taught 3 exercises to the audience, each taking less than a minute to do, which measurably boosted their mood. And in the extra minute, I managed to squeeze in another exercise.

Increasing happiness and engineering it in our daily lives is a topic I’ve been studying for several years now. In fact, you could say it’s the main focus of the Tao of Dating books for men and women. So expect a lot more on this topic coming from me in the near future.

And now, the video. If you find it useful, make sure you ‘Like’ it on YouTube, leave a comment so I know you’re alive, and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, smoke signal and carrier pigeon. Thanks!


2 Comments on “Happiness Engineering: 3.5 ways to boost your mood instantly”

  1. Kl

    Dr. B, I always come away with something useful and/or provocative from every post I read. Plus, gotta say you look awful cute in that video! Thanks for everything you do. Shared on Facebook!

  2. jenny

    Dr Ali,
    I always admire your Technic, wisdom and enthusiasm to make people feel better and live better.
    very simple ans it transfer our mood quickly.
    love you!