Tao of Dating Experiment: ‘The Brazilian’

This is the second installment of Phoenix’s Tao of Dating experiment:

I had lunch with the Brazilian today. He called around 11am just as I was about to head out the door to grab lunch in Santa Monica. “Sure, I’ll meet you for lunch”.

We met sometime last summer on a popular dating website. He was great looking, successful, intelligent…but fresh out of a failed marriage (about a year and a half fresh). We shared a love of adventure, extreme sports, and were both confessed gear whores. (Is there such a thing as REI anonymous?)

We dated on and off for several months and I even considered the prospect of a LTR with him. Then the inevitable happened. I started the downward spiral of why we wouldn’t work out & talking myself out of “like” with him.

Suddenly, the casual laid back manner he wore became indifference. His spontaneity morphed into careless impulse. Brazilians are known for their infidelity, right? Could he really be faithful? What was I doing?? He’s a great guy, right?? At least he has a job & his own place (sadly, not always prerequisites to dating me, but that is another blog)

Despite my roller coaster of falling in out of like with the Brazilian, we kept in touch. He would send a txt or leave a message every few weeks to see how I have been.

He was as handsome as I remember since seeing him last in November. He was extremely charming & complimentary saying how beautiful I was, which is always nice to hear. Over ribs and biscuits we exchanged stories about our recent snowboarding outings and adventures abroad.

He was sweet. He even picked up the tab (which again isn’t a normal occurrence in my dating world). I thanked him with a friendly kiss and a big hug. We promised to try to see each other more often & even plan a snowboarding trip together soon.

I passed on the opportunity once, am I really willing to give it another shot? Perhaps I wasn’t in the right mind set the 1st time & didn’t really give it an honest chance.

I am picking up my copy of the Tao of Dating tonight from Dr. Alex…perhaps I will find my answer within…