Tip #6 of 20: Never use email or text messages for emotionally sensitive communication.

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2 Comments on “Tip #6 of 20: Never use email or text messages for emotionally sensitive communication.”

  1. Sherry Bainbridge PhD

    This is true even beyond sensitive or emotional statements. Texting is not personal at all. The only way to measure truth is to use your senses: hearing, seeing, and touching. Texting leaves you solely with your perception. Let’s face it: Texting makes it easy to plant a little seed and we can read into it our desire and what is not there. Insist, for the majority, on face to face interaction! Sherry

  2. Winnie Quick

    Dr. Ali makes the great point that this sensitive communication could end up splashed all over the internet by a vindictive ex. Let’s assume you part amicably. That communication is still retained in your phone. Until you find the strength to delete it, you may find yourself glossing over less appealing attributes and find yourself left with the “perfect” man (sure, I believe there is someone perfect for each person but no one is inherently perfect) who got away. It’s a serious strain on your self esteem and could result in you standing in the way of your next man. A man who just might actually be perfect for you.
    Winnie Q.