8 Comments on “Male-Female Dating Dynamics: The Graph”

    1. Ali Binazir MD MPhil Post author

      The null set is a set that has no members. Which is a fancy way of saying that a women who is maximally attractive to you, both physically and mentally, does not exist.

  1. Matt

    Clever, but the gaps above and to the right of dating zone should be in the dating zone. I mean, like I’m tempted to date a girl who is 100% attractive physically but low mentally, but if she becomes more attractive mentally, I wont date her? By this chart someone could be 50%/50% on mental physical and you’d date her, but if she’s 50%/100% mental physical you wouldn’t.

    The dating zone needs wings!

  2. Bruixitta

    this guy at Bains&Co is a genius
    simple and succinct,
    brilliant, in one word.
    Dr Ali, thanks for surfing the web for us in search of pearls like this one

    1. Ali Binazir MD MPhil Post author

      ‘Null set’ means ‘the set that has no members.’ When the graph labels the area corresponding to a woman who has maximum attraction in both the physical and mental realms as the null set, he’s saying obliquely that this kind of person does not exist.