Interview with Shana James: What women need before they can let you in (audio)

Gentlemen – Have you had any of the following thoughts or experiences?

  •  You feel alone and disconnected during sex
  •  You put so much attention on making a woman feel good that you lose sight of my own pleasure
  •  You felt the spark fade suddenly while having sex and didn’t know how to get it back
  •  You’ve had “performance anxiety”
  •  You wonder if your skills are up to par or if other guys are better
  •  It’s awkward to transition from having a conversation to being sexual
  •  Women act hot and cold with you and only open to your advances sometimes
  •  You’re confused about why some women light up around you but others don’t
  •  You’ve been getting close to a woman when she suddenly chose another man over you

If so, you’re not alone. I recently did an hourlong interview with my friend & colleague Shana James on “Sex, Orgasm and Intimacy: What Women Need Before They Can Open Their Bodies & Hearts With You.” Not only does she have valuable insights as a woman, but she has also been teaching both men and women about dating, intimacy and relationships for 10 years as part of the Authentic Man Program. Here’s some of what we talked about in the interview:

  • The importance of feeling connected for a woman, and why it’s hot
  • Where to put your attention such that a woman can’t help but be turned on by your presence
  • The 90%+ of the information that most men miss when interacting with a woman
  • The importance of presence and receptivity, and how to achieve both
  • The 5 non-negotiable things that need to be in place before a woman will get intimate with you
  • The 5 reasons a woman will not have sex with you even if she likes you a lot
  • How to get out of your head and back into your own body
  • How to keep passion alive in a relationship

Shana dispensed a lifetime’s worth of insider knowledge on the workings of the female mind that any man will find useful. I only wish I had heard all of this when I was a teenager. Here’s the download link: ShanaJames073013Interview_DrAliBinazir