WED FEB 19: The 5 Magic Questions – What 5000 Women’s Letters Reveal About Love & Dating

Are you enough?
Are you buying or selling?
What do you want?
Do you feel safe?
Who are you, really?

Here’s a quick story for you:

On this day about 11 years ago, I published The Tao of Dating for women.

I had already written the version for men, which took me 3 months to write. The book for women, on the other hand, took me over 3 years. Partly because at the time I didn’t really believe I was qualified to comment on the topic. What could a guy possibly know about such things?

But since then, I’ve gotten over 5000 letters from my readers about their love lives. And certain patterns have revealed themselves from those letters, from which emerge The 5 Magic Questions.

How you answer these questions determines not just the quality of your love life, but the quality of your whole existence.

I’m not totally exaggerating here, m’dear. Questions like “Am I enough?” are always operating in the background, whether you’re dealing with a boss, a lover, a family member, a classroom of people, or just friends. It affects your salary, your health, your happiness.

Science shows that the answer to the question “Do I feel safe?” determines the range of your existence: how far you’re willing to go beyond your comfort zone, how much risk you’re willing to take, and thus how much you can flourish as a human being.

And, what DO you want? Ain’t that the perennial dilemma.

Next Wednesday, Feb 19, 7.15pm-8.45pm PT/10.15pm-11.45pm ET via live workshop in LA and via Zoom livestream elsewhere, I will go through The 5 Magic Questions and their vast implications on your love life and beyond.

For those of you who are in LA, the live workshop is $25. If you’re far away (like in Paris, Moscow, or Glendale), you can attend via livestream (or get the video and audio recording later) for just $10.

Your time is the most precious commodity you have — the one thing that is completely irreplaceable.

My job is to change people’s lives for the better in the time I have with them, whether through lecture, coaching or therapy. So when you choose to spend your time with me, I’ll do my darndest to deliver information that can transform you.

I hope you can join us next Wednesday so you can stand taller, grow faster, and feel better in your life. Prepare to be moved. Sign up here. Full Eventbrite description below.

All the best, Dr Ali


Since I published The Tao of Dating 11 years ago, it has been the #1-rated dating book on Amazon for 7 years, as well as its most-highlighted title (what? seriously?). Tens of thousands of smart, strong professional women like yourself have enriched their love lives with its precepts.

Over those 10 years, I’ve noticed a pattern from the 5000+ readers’ letters I’ve received: they all seem to contain the same 5 questions!

I call these The 5 Magic Questions. Answer them right, and your love life will go spectacularly well. Get them wrong, and fulfillment will prove elusive.

In this 75min workshop, we will examine who you really are, what truly fulfills you, how to find it, and how to keep it in your life. Some topics we’ll cover:

• The perils and opportunities of online dating. Used incorrectly, tools like Tinder, Bumble, Match and OKcupid can make you miserable. Find out how to use them right.
• The one question to ask to make sure a guy’s not a sociopath/psychopath
• Lance, Biff and Victor: the three archetypes of men and how to spot them
• How to tell the difference between Good Guys and Bad Boys, and avoid the latter like the plague
• Subtle ways you may be sabotaging your own love life right now
• Insights on how men think, from an actual guy :)

I’ll be giving you tools from both the scientific and spiritual perspectives that my readers found useful for finding and keeping love in their lives. Are you ready to graduate from app swiping and superficial interactions to deep fulfillment and happiness? Then this workshop’s for you. Regardless of your age and whatever your dating situation is, these are the tools that can give you power that cannot be taken away. Sign up now and join the tens of thousands of women who have found more warmth and joy in their lives with The Tao of Dating.

PS: I’ll talk for about 60min and take questions for the last 15min. There will be signed copies of The Tao of Dating paperback available for purchase for $20.

1 Comment on “WED FEB 19: The 5 Magic Questions – What 5000 Women’s Letters Reveal About Love & Dating”

  1. Uralriver (Maria)

    HI! Hope you doing well. Sorry i missed your latest workshop. I have a question. How do you (me) date an Asian man. I have known him for approx 3 yrs. Introduced by a mutual friend. I know he likes me. (He is nervous and all aflutter when we are together.) The issue is that he does not initiate contact. If I text or call, he replies and is quick to invite me over or go to dinner/lunch. Our mutual friend says he is just not used to reaching out to people in general. He is the baby of his family with 2 older sisters, which it seems they did everything for him, so now he is always waiting on me to initiate or make a move.
    I am interested.
    He is a good guy.
    WTH-Do I do!
    In the time we’ve known each other, I have dated 2 guys.
    I need to move him along.
    Any Suggestions, -that do not include moving on? -lol