Dating Advice for Men: How to Be a Multiorgasmic Man (Video)

Here’s a little video I made for you to make the case for becoming a multiorgasmic man, including the first basic steps of your training. Check it out, and show signs of life by rating it and commenting on it. And if you like it, share with friends by tweeting it out and posting it to your Facebook profile – thanks for spreading the word!

Remember that multiorgasmic training is a part of the Metamorphosis Program, the monthlong training to take your love life from where it is to where you want it to be. Free preview teleseminar is this Thursday, 15 Oct at 5.30pm PDT/8.30pm EDT/1.30am London/11.30am Sydney, and the program starts Monday, 19 Oct – sign up for that here. Click here for more info on the Metamorphosis Program.

4 Comments on “Dating Advice for Men: How to Be a Multiorgasmic Man (Video)”

  1. Greg

    Dr Alex: great material as always. I'd like to see you smile from time to time though. Your delivery style is a bit too dry and staccato. Slow down, breathe, smooth-out the torrent of words, relax, smile, vary your vocal tone, etc. I'm sure you have peers in the dating-guru world who have much more refined public-speaking styles. Maybe they could coach you.

  2. clayhalo

    Wow, Alex. I can't believe no one has commented on this post! Maybe they just immediately signed up for your metamorphosis course…

  3. Wink2Date

    Take your time do alot of foreplay stay controlled you want her to be shaking not you lol then increasde speed and switch it up different positions.

  4. Eden

    Women were also considered to be a means for men to extend men’s lives. Many of the ancient texts were dedicated explanation of how a man could use sex to extend his own life. But, his life was extended only through the absorption of the woman’s vital energies (jing and qi). Wile notes that some Taoists came to call the act of sex “The battle of stealing and strengthening.”