Dating: What do I do about the bad boys?

Angie writes from Australia regarding the “On Bad Boys and How to Spot Them” article she received via email:

I thought this was excellent and could put a huge TICK on each…but what worries me, is:

Am i attracted to these bad boys because there is a part of them inside me too? Does that mean i have some issues i have to look at? Is this bad boy just a mirror of what is going on in my life too? What do you think?  Have you got any feedback from other ‘bad boy’ daters?

I’d like to know,

Enjoy your information always, Angie

Brisbane Qld Australia

Thanks for the letter, Angie.  Here’s the deal: bad boys simply trigger ancient mechanisms that exist in every woman.  In that way, there’s nothing wrong with you if you find yourself responding to them, in the same way that nothing’s wrong with you when you respond to chocolate or ice cream.  We’re just built that way.

That said, you have the choice to recognize this and stay away from them.  You may not be able to control your reaction to them, but you can certainly control your actions.  You can see the ice cream store and walk past it.  You can choose not to stock your fridge with ice cream.  You have choice.

Also, 2-3 days of the month, right around when you’re ovulating, you’re going to be super-susceptible to the charm of more masculine, roguish men.  That’s 10% of your life, and plenty of time in which to screw everything up really good.   Probably a good time to stay away from bad boys.

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