Pop-Up Teleclass: “How to Be Irresistible” Mon May 27

Ladies –

I haven’t had a teleclass for you in a while, so it’s time! I’ve done the “How to Be Irresistible: Love Is in Your Body” workshop live a couple of times, and it was a lot of fun. So now I’m going to do it in teleclass format so all of you who can’t make it to San Francisco can attend. Here’s a sampling of what you’re going to learn:

  • The real power you have in relationships and how to access it
  • The latest research on what love really is, physiologically and neurologically
  • The importance of positive emotions and how to have more of them
  • How to embody love
  • The problem of desire and how to solve it
  • Guided visualizations and meditations to get you feeling these principles in your bones
This is really more like a highly interactive workshop than me just giving a lecture, so come ready participate and be in a place where you can stand up and move around a little (i.e. not in a car). And yes, I will record it in case you happen to miss it.

The teleclass will go for about 75 min, with about 15min of Q&A at the end. Here’s the call-in info:

  • WHAT: “How to Be Irresistible” Teleclass
  • WHEN: Mon 27 May 2013, 6pm PT/9pm ET/11am Sydney (on Tue)
  • WHERE: On your phone, when you’re not driving and you’re free to do goofy-looking exercises
When you sign up, remember to use the 67% off discount code I emailed you! It brings the price down from $75 to $25:

Catch up with you then and there

Dr Ali