Tao of Dating Experiment: ‘Get your motor running’

The Phoenix rides again — this time almost literally. My comments in italics.-AB

So I’ve probably read more of the Tao this weekend than I should have in one sitting. I got to the point where I couldn’t just stop, so I ended up reading several chapters. However, that play by play will have to wait.

Right now, I am sitting on my couch, dressed and ready to go meet a new prospect. I haven’t gotten to the part of the Tao that tells me whether or not online dating is a good or a bad thing, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to up my available options and continue to use it.

AB: I have a whole section in Chapter 8 entitled ‘Internet dating: perils and opportunities’  She’ll get to it soon enough.

I worry that before I even go meet this guy I may have fallen victim to my usual pitfalls. His stats: 36, 6’1, never married, no kids, professional motocross racer with his own school. He’s meeting me in my neighborhood, so at the very least I know he has a car. He’s geographically inconvenient living roughly 35 miles away, but that can be overcome with his flexible schedule. He chatted with me for nearly 2/3rd of my (1.5 hours) to my weekend getaway and before we got off the phone had asked me to meet him tonight. ***chalks up 2 points for the Hottie with the helmet!***

AB: The same chapter has another section called ‘Long-distance relationships: a brief, biased rant’.  I’ll let you guess how you feel about that one.  For me, the definition of long-distance relationship is that the physical distance between you precludes spontaneity.  When somebody’s 35 miles away in a city like Los Angeles where driving 15 miles can sometimes take an hour, you effectively have a long-distance relationship even though nominally he may live in the same town.  You heard it here first.

After I got off the phone with the Helmeted Hottie, I had a guy I dated nearly 3 years ago call me. Seems he’s been thinking about me lately and wanted to meet up for lunch tomorrow to catch up. They always come back for seconds. If only I had a taste for stale bread that I knew only gave me an upset stomach when I had it fresh. At least that is one lesson I can manage to learn. Once I give them up for good, they are gone for good. It just takes me some time to get to the point where I really cut them loose, physically and emotionally. A byproduct of that is I am still friends with quite a few guys that I once dated. Is that weird?

AB: Fine work on keeping the bad bread out.  On the other hand, the helmeted hottie sounds like he fits the ‘bad boy’ profile from Chapter 5 rather well.  Proceed with caution.

Okay, my Gods and Goddesses in Training…Wish me luck. Let’s hope that this Helmeted Hottie can rev my engine and jumpstart my heart! …..Aaaaaaaand she’s off!!!

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