Lose Your Baggage

Hey guys.  Thanks a lot for your enthusiastic response to the videos.  One of you even recognized me in church service the other day and said hi.  This stuff gets around – who knew!

Here’s another video to stimulate some thinking and reconsideration.

I’d always wondered what it meant to ‘love your enemy’ and it never made a lot of sense.  Frankly, most of the time I would have preferred that the troublemakers in my life do the polite thing and drop dead.

However, recently, it made much more sense to me, and after watching this video, it will make sense to you, too.

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3 Comments on “Lose Your Baggage”

  1. Dan

    how can i forgive my ex-wife who cheat me and hurt me deeply so much.i want to follow your advice but it’s tough,Dr.Alex need your expertise.

  2. Laura

    So true, so true … and I’ve ‘known’ it ie heard it quoted for many years but not until the last few days did I really get it …. I awoke 5am on Sunday as if shaken by angels and told to go visit an old friend I’ve known for 24 years. I spent hours reviewing our friendship, healing as much as I could until I reached a real compassion for her …. when I arrived at her place I found that she’s in the final stages of cancer. A wheelchair and walking frame sat by the front porch. We sat and talked for 5 hours and there was the most blissful, loving communion between us. And do you know what – those aspects of her character which had driven me crazy over the years had all fallen away. It was only in breaking down to truly love her that miraculously she changed. No amount of ‘fixing’ or fighting would ever have achieved that…. So I ask anyone reading this – next time someone presses your buttons and you feel tempted to change them – first bring your love to that part of them so you can truly understand what’s driving their behaviour. You may be surprised at what you find there and the miracles which can unfold….And please don’t leave it as long as I have – you’re depriving yourself of many years of the most beautiful,loving friendship.